Cubicle Curtains/Tracks

Cubicle Curtains/Tracks offer several ways to help provide privacy and separate large areas. Cubicle curtains are used as privacy curtains for patients in hospitals and also provide privacy in clinics, nursing homes, educational and other facility environments.The track systems (surface mount, straight or radiused run) provide smooth, snag free operation.  All curtains feature double needle interlock stitching for durability and a finished look.  All curtains meet the flame resistant regulation NFPA requires for the use of privacy curtains in health facilities.  Custom fabrics are available and can be supplied to your exact specifications.

Cubicle Curtains for Hospitals

It cannot be denied that there are a number of important elements involve in the medical field and ensure proper delivery of healthcare services. One of these important elements is the need for medical professionals to be well-trained and to be always ready for emergencies. More importantly, these professionals need to have dedication to their patients. But, the delivery of proper health care services is not only limited to this aspect. It covers even beyond a professional’s capability to provide the health care needed by their patients.

Simply said, the delivery of health care services also covers a healthy environment, which is where concerns about cubicle curtains for hospitals may enter. Design-wise, a cubicle curtain is a type of dividing cloth utilized in a medical treatment facility. It is meant to provide private enclosure to one or more patients. These curtains must be made from fabric that is fire retardant, and is installed by suspending it from a ceiling track or supporting structure. 

Hospital Cubicle Curtains for Privacy

Privacy is one thing that can be said as extremely important for any person. The same goes with patients, and most importantly for them when they are required to stay in hospitals. Enabling privacy is also of outmost importance in hospitals for it is where medical tests and care are being provided. Presently, there are already several guidelines made on how cubicle curtains for hospitals must be made, from its design to the features it must have. There are also guidelines made to ensure that the right installation height is achieved.

However, even with these guidelines, there are still others who are or may be at a loss on what should be properly done to ensure the satisfaction of patients in relation to cubicle curtains. This is the time when it may be beneficial for these medical facilities to make use of the products and services offered by a commercial window treatments provider. The company is updated on the most recent guidelines about the right choices and installations of window treatments like hospital cubicle curtains. Hence, they are the company any medical facilities may rely on in ensuring patient’s satisfaction through helping them address their hospital cubicle curtain-related issues.

Some of hospital cubicle curtain issues that the company can help address are:

Hospital Acquired Infections and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

It has been established that cubicle curtain for hospitals are one component where patient’s satisfaction may depend on. However, even if it is an advantageous component, this same dividing cloth can also serve as a primary cause of infections. One of the most common problems that hospitals encounter on the dividing cloth they use in their facilities is the HAIs. These cloths have long been known for causing Hospital Acquired Infections. MRSA bacteria are just one of the most frequent causes that are found concerning such cases. 

To address this issue, the company recommends the installation of cubicle curtains that are anti-microbial. This type of treatment comes in different fabric weight. As an antimicrobial cubicle curtain, it features characteristics that inhibit the effect of bacterial growth, sweat, microbe infestation and related smell. Its ability to inhibit bacterial growth is the main characteristics that make it a good option for hospital installations. This type of curtain is not only capable of preventing bacteria growth, but also even kill a range species of fungi and bacteria. 

Apart from its anti-microbial properties, these curtains also typically have anti-odor properties. In some cases, they also feature solar insulation properties, which also help in effectively reducing glare and heat gain. 

Fire-Retardant Cubicle Curtains

Like any other public places, hospitals most especially require to be built and designed in accordance to the fire code requirements. It is stated in the fire code requirements that privacy curtains must feature at least 18 inches of approved mesh on top of it. Not meeting this is already considered as a safety hazard. It may also limit the sprinkler’s effectiveness in case a fire starts. 

As a provider of window treatments, including cubicle curtains for hospitals, the company offers a selection of fire-retardant curtain products. These are inherently fire-retardant type of curtains, which remains fire resistant throughout its life. This is true regardless of how many times it has been washed or cleaned. Curtains made from fire-retardant fabric are also more beneficial than those that are just the treated to become fire-resistant. The advantage in this case is presented in the form of durability, which is preserved even after going through several cleaning processes. 

Grommet Cubicle Curtains to Prevent Tearing at the Hooks

As a facility where patients are treated and where possible infections may spread, it is important for items in hospitals, like cubicle curtains, to be replaced regularly. Such practice is advantageous in keeping the sanitation and safety in the place. The drawback to this practice is it also increases the risk of tearing on curtains, specifically at the top of its hooks due to normal use. In these cases, the best option to use is grommet curtains. Apart from being the most ideal options to prevent possible tearing at the hooks, grommet curtains also offers a sleek and clean appearance, which effectively adds subtle elegance to any space.

Lengthy Curtains

Lengthy curtains may provide complete privacy desired by patients. However, curtains that are too long also increase the chances of the fabric touching the floor, which becomes a primary cause of contamination. It may also encourage the growth and spread of parasites in the other spaces in the hospitals or in the entire medical facility itself. That is why as a solution, the company recommends options that still leaves enough distance between the floor and the curtain. Most possibly, the option that must be chosen needs to offer distance of at least a minimum of 10-inch from the bottom of the curtain to the floor. Apart from preventing the spread of micro-organisms, such distance already enables easy floor maintenance while also ensuring that the bottom of the curtain won’t come in contact with any harmful chemicals. 

As a company specializing in offering commercial window treatments, the team can help not in only addressing the mentioned issues above, but also in providing a range of hospital cubicle curtains. All the cubicle curtains for hospitals they offer include the following solutions mentioned here. To determine which of these best meet the needs of your medical facility, you may ask for some assistance from the team.