Senior Living

People’s preference change as they age. This is very true, especially with seniors. As individuals grow older and older, the more they are faced with the need to change their living arrangements. There are various reasons why people always come to this stage. The most common reason is that fact that, as a person gets older, the more they become overwhelmed in dealing with the home upkeep. Older people become more interested with social amenities and cutting off the need for transportation. Others may simply be looking for companionship. 

Whatever the reason is, it is when they can fully take advantage of the communities that are offering senior living apartments. These are places that allow the seniors to make their life easier and more convenient. Choosing to live in senior living apartment is a convenient choice because it enables the exact thing that individuals are after once they reach this age. That is a lower cost and low-maintenance lifestyle, which such senior living options provide. How? Such living options for seniors already cover amenities, such as dining, housekeeping and activities. As a result, their lives are made more enjoyable and easier.

The thing is that there are also issues that seniors looking for that the communities need to be aware of. These issues are concerned about the window treatments applied in each of the apartment. It would be a wise step to check this aspect of the apartment first before making the final decision. But for most, seniors no longer have to worry about these concerns because the team managing these communities is aware of these issues.

To ensure that their stay would be as comfortable, easier and convenient, these communities are always updated about the proper guidelines that need to be followed in decorating each apartment. These communities also typically use the help of commercial window treatment service providers to meet the guidelines regarding the proper window coverings ideal for seniors.

How the Company Helps in Eliminating Window Treatment-Related Issues through their Services

Heavy and Difficult to Operate Window Treatments
The issue about seniors getting overwhelmed with doing daily tasks, even the most basic ones, is a factor that needs to be considered here. It is a known fact that aging also means limiting the body’s ability to move and easily getting tired, considering that it is only essential for senior living apartments to install window shades that are not heavy. Otherwise, residents may find it hard to open and close the shades. 

Elder people require window treatments that are light and easy to operate or open. That way, they won’t have to spend time fussing over the treatment just to let some light enter their space.

Energy-Efficient Blinds
It is only expected for senior living apartments to not just be comfortable for the residents to stay. It also needs to offer enough protection, like against the UV rays. As communities serving senior residents, it may also want to use products that are energy efficient. As a solution to this, the team recommends to install honeycomb the cellular shades. This is a type of shade that is capable of insulating more than one glass pane for up to fifteen times. 

Another worth-recommending window treatment that is energy efficient is the roller shade and soft sheer shade. Both the shades provide protection against ultraviolet rays. 

Glare Control and Privacy
Even if residents are living in senior living apartments, they will still want to keep their privacy. The company enables this by recommending motorized shades and blinds. Some best options that can be considered concerning this issue are solar screen shades, collegiate shades, roman shades and roller shades. There are some of these shades that can be operated through a remote control. Apart from enabling privacy, these options are also a good choice in controlling the glare of the sun reflected in the window.

Some Residents May Be Arthritis Sufferers
It is only expected to encounter some residents in these communities that are already suffering from arthritis. Taking this consideration in mind, it is only wise to have apartments that are installed with the cordless window treatments. There are several options that this type of treatment is available with. Some of these are honeycomb cellular shades, aluminum mini blinds and pleated shades.

Seniors May Find it Difficult to Raise and Lower Blinds in Oversized Windows
Some living apartments for seniors may be installed with oversized or bay windows. The problem commonly encountered in this case is that the windows are often installed with one large blind, which usually results to residents having a hard time in raising as well as in lowering the blinds. To eliminate this issue, it is best to install window treatments placed side by side. A good example of this treatment is the valance. Although it is a series type of window treatment, it can effectively create that feel and look of a single treatment. This option also offers privacy control and light control.

Comparing the Faux Wood and Wood Blinds from Roller, Solar or Soft Sheer Shades

Getting older significantly brings so much changes that individuals have to endure. Some may find it hard to open or close blinds, a task that can easily be done if you are still on your early age. But, for older people, this easy task may transform into a difficult task to accomplish. 

That is one tough change that can be demonstrated when using roman, soft sheer shades and other lightweight window treatments against the faux wood and wood blinds. The first options are lightweight window treatments that can enable the seniors to still open and close their window covers with ease. But, the latter options are already a bit weighty, making it hard for senior to maneuver. Therefore, it is not an ideal option for senior living apartment installations.

To Summarize:

The team offers a selection of window treatments that are not only ideal for senior living apartments. It is also offers a variety of window treatments that are energy, efficient and lightweight, but at the same time, those products that do not compromise the style. Cellular shades are the best option to consider if energy efficiency is a top consideration. These are also a wise choice for oversized and bay windows. For apartments that are located in areas with warmer climates, some of the best options to consider are roller and solar shades. With the help of the team, they can make your senior living apartments more comfortable for your residents while also making things in favor to you.