What sets us apart from the rest is our product knowledge, high level of service, measurement as well as expertise in installation and commitment to providing high quality window treatments to our clients. We are proud to say that we are the leading window treatment provider to multifamily apartment, commercial and residential properties. 

It has been a while since you have bought window accessories. You will be astounded with the extensive selection of window fashions available today. Our state of the art window treatment solutions provide style, functionality, energy efficiency as well as home automation. We at Florida Blinds Contractors  put our client’s needs first. Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable and prides themselves in being very competitively priced and offering the best window treatments with unparalleled service. 

Our Stock and Inventory

Our store carries a huge stock of aluminum slats-metal head rail, verticals as well as faux woods 

Window Treatments Installation 

Window treatments can be dropped off to your premises or setup by our skilled staff. With us, no job is too small or too big. 

Repair and Cleaning 

Repairs make the blinds look original again at a reasonable price. Repairing and replacing cord locks, tilters, ladders, cradles, drums and pull cords, wands, plugs and tassel make the blinds work again. Once you have window blinds that cannot be fixed, we will quote an extremely reasonable window replacement expense.


We provide help with your entire window treatment budget in order to meet your needs. 
We offer full window treatment solutions for multi-family window situations. We will provide you with thorough and competitive window treatments for multi-family apartment cases. A lot of multi-family apartments need periodic maintenance as well as repairs. We could give multi-family apartments thorough and comprehensive window inspections to know the right window solutions applicable for you. 

We provide high quality window treatment solutions such as window blinds, curtains and drapes, valances, shades, Venetian or lowered blinds and window film. We provide these products for multifamily apartments and offer window treatment installation, so we could save you the pressure of trying to do the job alone. We are a one-stop solution when it comes to your window treatment needs. 

Why You Must Get our Service for your Multi-family window projects

We are dedicated to a modern approach or method to multi-family window treatments. We are exceptional as a company that offers a great selection of window treatments for everyone’s needs.  We work with our clients to replace the energy wasting window treatment you have within a given time frame. With us, you will get popular  window treatments at a very reasonable price. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for single window treatment, looking for the solution to a complicated design challenge or redecorating the whole multi-family apartments as our window treatments will help you make your dreams come true within your budget. 

We provide a complete selection of fashionable window treatments like sheers, shutters and shades commonly seen in high-end structures at a competitive cost.. Choose the best product ideal to your taste and your budget. 

Energy Efficient Window 

It doesn’t matter if you like to upgrade your multi-family apartment windows for effectiveness or like to update the appearance of your investment structures. We can help you determine the most excellent window treatments for your demands.  We have professional window treatment installers who could eliminate the outdated window treatment products and install a new one neatly and provide the needed trim as well. 

Aside from improved energy-efficiency, we have lots of designs and options of treatment products to choose from that can improve the safety, character as well as functionality of your important investment. 

We offer multi-family apartment window treatments from many different vendors. We are very glad to work with you to help you avail the most excellent products for your multi-family apartment windows. 

Why Choose Us

The city of Florida keeps on showing a firm economic development in multi-family apartments. All through the country, the city’s multi-family apartment investments confirm confident projection and growth of the market. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or rehabilitating a current multifamily or apartment as we are the best company for window treatment solutions. Our products and services focus on multi-family apartment window treatment solutions. We already have improved lots of multi-family apartments. Our long standing good reputation as well as turn-key window treatment services serves as proof of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

There are many providers of window treatment products out there, but no other company could meet or exceed our skills when it comes to multi-family apartment window treatments. We just know how to address any challenges you are experiencing with your windows. 
If you want your multifamily apartment to be equipped with fashionable window treatments, call our skilled team today at 321-558-8870. We could walk you through your order to make sure you obtain the best window treatments for your multifamily apartment. We also offer fabric samples for free to help multifamily apartment owners plan their interior decoration. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Get the best window treatment for your multifamily apartment. Call us now to see how Florida Blinds Contractors could help you.