Windows have been integral parts of the home and other commercial structures like healthcare facilities or hospitals. Aside from giving additional value to the look and appeal of hospital rooms and other major parts of the facility, windows also entail protection and privacy. 

Importance of Windows to Hospitals

When you evaluate hospitals, you usually measure the failures and successes to the performance and practices of staff and doctors. It would seem odd to attribute some shortcomings of the hospital to architectural designs instead however; the size and number of windows in hospitals can ultimately influence how a hospital performs and treats patients. 

The leading priority in hospitals is the convenience and comfort of patients giving them rooms with better and more access to sunlight. This can make them comfortable an at the same time make them feel more positive. You have probably noticed that when you are being exposed to sunlight, you usually feel better. There is actual a biological explanation to this. 

When the skin cells of human come in contact with sunlight, it prompts the brain to stop melatonin production. Melatonin is a chemical found in the human body that is responsible for making you feel drowsy or sleepy. When patients get sunlight through the window, their body will then stop producing this chemical which makes them lacking in energy and tired enabling them to be more energetic and positive. 

Patients are not the only ones who fully benefit from the sunlight. Individuals caring and treating patients also need sunlight in regulating their melatonin levels. Having surgeons and doctors who are alert and awake is beneficial to patients. Doctors usually spend extended and longest shifts in hospitals so it is essential for them to have some sunlight. 

Finally, several studies revealed that patients admitted in rooms with good windows recover faster than the patients in windowless hospital rooms. There are no definite explanations how sunlight melatonin levels and sunlight affects the healing process however, studies recommend that these might be significant. 

The Need for Window Treatments in Hospitals or Healthcare Facilities 

Studies show that efficient utilization of window coverings in healthcare settings can result to faster recovery. Healthcare institutions have realized the need for reliable and top quality window treatments that would operate well and efficiently without the need for regular maintenance and support. 

Types of Commercial Window Treatments

Commercial window treatments are particular types of treatments that can possibly be made to custom terms or specifications in diverse forms including sheers, shutters, drapes, curtains, blinds and shades. There are professionals in window treatments that can help you find the best solution based on lighting, insulating properties, acoustics, privacy and many more. 

Window Treatments Common Products 

The following are common products used when delivering commercial window treatments in hospitals and healthcare facilities. These products, together with the window treatment professionals will make sure that clients will end up in a healthcare setting with distinguished and professional appearance. 

  • BlindsThese are great in terms of blocking or diffusing sunlight however blinds still performs many other functions. Blinds can be composed of different materials like plastics, metals, woods, fabrics and many other materials. Some blinds appear like works of art while others are mainly functional. These are crafted from synthetic and natural materials. 
  • ShadesSimilar to blinds, these window treatment products are crafted from different materials and can be functional and decorative as well. Pleated, rollers and duo shades are among the different types of shades installed during window treatment process. These shades can actually be custom made to accurate specifications and can be combined with drapes, curtains and blinds. Window treatment professionals can give the best advice regarding the most suitable shades in healthcare industry. 
  • Curtains Curtains remain one of the most famous window dressing solutions widely available these days. There are wide collections of curtains that clients can choose from that perfectly suit hospital settings. These curtains can also be used to complement business environments not to mention the curtains’ ability to add polish and personality. Space efficient and versatile, curtains are great solutions to modern healthcare facilities.
  • Drapes - The terms “drapes” and “curtains” are frequently utilized interchangeably however, these two terms are different. While curtains somehow resemble them, drapes are actually linked with richer contexts. The drape fabrics, which are usually lined or pleated, are significantly heavier than the curtains. When these are fully open, the “stack back” is said to be the deciding factor in choosing the drapes over the curtains. 

The Benefits of Commercial Window Treatments 

High quality shades are the most ideal choice for commercial locations including hospitals delivering increased durability, efficiency and cleanliness not to mention the glare, heat and UV control. These contribute to the organization or building’s performance in general especially in areas of energy usage, safety, user experience and comfort. Commercial window treatments for hospital windows and coverings are built to last and highly durable. These window treatments also deliver the following benefits: 

  • Patient comfort and wellness 
  • Staff satisfaction 
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved performance in the facility
  • Day lighting 
  • Integration with  various building functions

Healthcare Window Treatments and Privacy in Hospitals 

Healthcare facilities and offices got different needs for exclusivity and privacy. Some examination rooms need complete privacy and the windows require blackout shades. The patient rooms, which are usually lit during nighttime also, require added blackout screen and view-blocking protection. Blackout shades also offers a darkened room setting for patients who cannot actually tolerate light after procedures leaving the eye highly sensitive to light such as optical surgeries. 

Where to Get the Best Window Treatments for Hospitals? 

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