Over the years, there has been a lot of changes regarding where and how kids learn. Yet, the physical structure of schools has not. If you will look around school facilities, even those that are not crumbling and old, it’s evident that so much of it are outdated, and yet still in broad use. See these examples. 

  • Computer labs. Most students today carry with them their mobile gadgets and in most cases, they are always connected to the internet everywhere they go except in school. During their computer subjects, most computers are already outdated not only in their looks but also main functionalities. A modern school or college needs to have new computer facilities where students can learn more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Isolated classrooms. According to an expert, isolation is the major enemy of improvement. Most schools are structured in such a way that isolates teachers from one another. Teachers commonly teach in isolated spaces and keep up that style all through their teaching career. Teachers should work in a team to improve their capabilities and teaching habits. They should be visually and aurally connected.
  • School corridors. Corridors consume a lot of valuable space in schools that are not occupied in most cases. If rooms are organized in groups, corridors are no longer needed. Unused corridors can turn to be useful informal learning spaces. 
  • Historical school libraries. Modern school libraries should be more than a learning hub to support various student activities. Books are the main source of learning and information for students, but it should not end up in there. A learning hub like a library should not be so quiet but a space that can be a central hub for formal and informal distribution of knowledge among students. 
  • Large yet locked up restrooms. Some students avoid using school restrooms because of issues over privacy, cleanliness, bullying and confinement. It appears to them that restrooms are fearful because of its locked up atmosphere, poor source of light and ventilation. 
  • Dark indoor school gyms. Most school gyms have no access to normal light due to the fear of being glared which may interrupt school events. But with the increasing energy costs, turning off the lights in school gyms and using natural light is a way to save costs. Designing gyms that necessitate more natural light and glare-free is a way to saving energy and saving the world, in general. Ample light from well-placed window treatments offers a great experience and comfy, functional space to its users. 

When speaking of window treatments, maybe it’s time for schools to give attention to their obsolete school windows. More than privacy, academic window treatments are important for several reasons. They help keep the rooms cool and ventilated, they help students comfortably learn and they help save energy. Did you know that the appropriate academic window treatments can help save a good amount of money on electricity bills every month?  And when you say saving energy, this saves the world too, in general. 

Through painstakingly investing in the right academic window treatments for your environment and location, you help avoid the indoor warmth from escaping during winter time and keep the school rooms cool during summer. Also, you significantly reduce the need for electric lighting at daytime by being smart in regard to the window design.

The Importance of Academic Window Treatments

  1. Provides enough natural light. A window treatment in schools helps in controlling light and temperature in a room. Students may avert too much light, making them uncomfortable at classes. As an answer to this, the right window treatment for the classroom is needed. While it provides enough natural light to a classroom, the right window treatment can also disperse and diffuse harsh sunlight inside a room. Blinds, drapery, and shutters control light, but they have different impacts on room temperature. Thus, it is imperative to carefully think about the window types, the location, and the needs prior to choosing an academic window treatment. 
  2. Temperature control. Direct sunlight coming through a too large window can heat up a room so quickly.  To keep the space cool, the appropriate window treatment is vital. It blocks solar radiation and only brings the warmth needed in a room, most especially during winter.

Window Assessment 

If your school needs window treatment soon, you should perform a window assessment. You can start this assessment through making a list of all your windows, the location, the environmental condition of each room, your needs and all your concerns for each room.  The things that you must consider when selecting window treatments in your school include the type of windows you presently have, the direction of where the windows are facing and whether you want to slightly control them. 

Who Can Provide Your Academic Window Treatments

Educational facilities such as colleges, universities, and K-12 schools all necessitate long-lasting and safe window treatments. Florida Blinds Contractors is a window treatment provider that addresses all window concerns of commercial facilities, including schools and universities. Serving all over the country, FBC is always on call for any window treatment needs in schools. 

We offer products for renovations, new construction, and replacement maintenance of windows. They are built to last for years. They are trouble free and safe for everyone. We make our window treatments ourselves, assuring you that we engineer them according to the demand, need and budget of academic institutions. Regardless of your window size, shape and type, we stand confident that our shades and blinds are a perfect fit to them.   

It is our mantra to serve only high quality and reliable window treatments that will operate at their best inside your classrooms and other school facilities. Without the need for daily maintenance and support, you can hold on to our academic window treatments. It is our privilege in the company to help improve the looks and the quality of education in your school. 

Call us today at 321-558-8870 to get a free quote of your window treatment. Allow us to install the very best of what we’ve got for your windows. It is our privilege to serve you!