Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood blinds are durable and naturally appealing alternative to real wood.  They are a durable material; won't peel or stain and ideal for rooms with high humidity.  Easy to coordinate with existing wood décor and will add a personal touch with cornices, valances and cloth tapes.

Cheaper Window Blinds with a Look of a Real Wood Window Blinds

Creating a relaxing, warm, yet elegant home decoration is the aim of every home owner. One way of achieving this is to install a wood window blind. But, the biggest problems are the cost of wood window blinds and wood damage. You can always use drapes, curtains or even plastic blinds on your window. However, the look of wood window blinds is something very special. For those people with windows that are hard to fit, you can use custom wood window blinds, but for those with tight budget, faux wood window blinds can be utilized instead. 

Faux wood window blinds are made from artificial materials with a designed that will look like a real wood window blind. They are less expensive than real wooden blinds. These window blinds are designed for rooms with high humidity level such as kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike real wood window blinds, faux wood are stain resistant. This kind of window blinds is also functional and can give a touch of class to your home.

Faux wood window blinds can either be composite wood or PVC. PVC faux blinds contain vinyl polymer while composite wood blinds have both polymer base and hardwood. Composite blinds are higher in price than PVC. However, they have more value with their trapezoid rails at the bottom and 3-inch valances. Faux wood window blinds also come in various shades and colors, some might exactly look like a real wood. They can even be customized based on different requirements such as sleek look, light control, and viewable area in between the slats. The polyvinyl materials of faux wood window blinds are strong and durable. The blinds can be covered with UV inhibitors which will be a protection from excessive sun exposure. This covering is the reason why blinds are longer lasting. Faux wood blinds are also heat and cold resistant. 

The window blinds have different sizes and forms, and they can be micro or mini, horizontal or vertical, and 3-inch valance or 2-inch valance. They can be available with attachments and options such as locking pull rods, tilt wants, fabric tapes, and light-blocking properties among others. Faux wood window blinds are replacing the traditional blinds, but still providing the same kind of traditional look of a real wood window blind. 

Why You Must Purchase Faux-Wood Window Blinds For Your House?

  • Appearance. The appearance of this window blinds is great for any room, whether it is the kitchen, living room or your children’s room. You can look for faux-wood window blinds that can match any decorations in the room. 
  • Durability. These window blinds are made from vinyl and hardwood, which when combined, can form a window blind that is durable and can last for a long time. If you are living in a place with high moisture, a faux-window blind will be ideal. 
  • Can be easily clean. The dust and dirt in these window blinds can be easily wipe off by a water and mild soap. Unlike real wooden window blinds, faux wood window blind doesn’t warp and harder to break. This window blinds are great for families with pets or small children.
  • Selection of color and finish. With a faux wood window blind, you can have any type of finish or color. Its appearance is like a real wood window blind, in which the difference can be hardly tell. 
  • Affordable price. The cost of these window blinds is less than the real wooden window blinds. 

Why would you pay more if you can have a window blind that has the same look as of the real wooden blind? It is great to have a real wood window blind, but a durable and easy to clean faux wood window blind will be even better. Some of the faux wood window blinds today are manufactured to be fire resistant, can be installed easily and you can even get motorized window blind.

The Difference between Faux Wood Window Blind and Real Wood Window Blind

People have been buying window treatments made from wood to provide the element of nature into their work places or homes. Wood gives a sense of beauty and warmth, while faux wood is considered to be a cheaper alternative to real wood. But with the new blends of window treatments, it is difficult to distinguish the real wood from the faux wood window blinds.

The differences between the two types of window blinds are not so many. Faux wood window blinds are made of vinyl for durability while real wood has unique knots and lines of real wood that cannot be found in any other kinds of window blinds. Here are some points that will help in differentiating the two window blinds.

Faux wood window blinds:

  • The synthetic materials are less expensive than the real wood materials.
  • Less resistant to chipping and warping than real wood window blinds.
  • The vinyl material offers moisture resistance to prevent warping, thereby, making this blind as a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • It only takes a few seconds of cleaning, which can be done once a week. 
  • The anti-static properties keep the blinds free from dust.
  • Faux wood shades have the same characteristics of real wood shades, but they are less expensive.
  • With the emergence of new technology, faux wood window blinds can be virtually identical to real wood window blinds.
  • With the cheaper cost of faux wood blinds, these are perfect for consumers who are budget conscious.
  • With bright colors, shutters can be utilized inside and outside.

Real wood window blinds:

  • Emphasizes the knots and grains in texture to create a window blind that is unique.
  • Has a wide selection of stains and colors.
  • Has a lesser weight than a faux wood window blind, thus it can be adjusted easily. 
  • The traditional beauty of real wood window blinds can be related with affluence.

With the differences between real wood and faux wood window blinds, both window blinds offer the nature’s feel into your home or work places. Both are perfect with wood furnishings and creating an ambiance without ignoring the rest of the decorations inside a room.