Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds allow maximum coverage of large windows at a cost-effective price. The durable vertical track features a carrier train system for a variety of contract and commercial application.Vertical blinds/shades provide a comprehensive selection of sheer, fabric and vinyl solutions for wide windows and patio doors.

Vertical blinds are one of those things that people don’t give enough attention. Vertical blinds come in different patterns, colors, and washable fabric which can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, patio doors, bedrooms, or French windows.  These blinds keep away the sun while creating an additional decoration into your home. 

Aside from these, vertical blinds offer some added advantages:

  • Vertical blinds can prevent the damage of furniture caused by continued sun exposure. Exposure to sun can do a lot of damage than keeping the room hot. These blinds can divert, reduce, and even block the sun rays. Thus, it will save your furniture and save you cost and time in recovering or replacing the furniture. 
  • Vertical blinds can reduce your expenses. The heat index in a room will start to drop when the sun rays inside the room are reduced. This way, you can save on air conditioning and electric costs especially during the summer. It can also save your money even on winter months. By covering the window with good and strong vertical blind, less heat will be emitted, which will reflect on lower fuel and heat bills. 
  • Vertical blinds can provide better health. With vertical blinds, the sun rays will be limited, so you will experience fewer eye strains and headaches. These will also make your room a great place for reading and studying. It can even lessen the glare of watching television.
  • Vertical blinds allow more light to penetrate inside a room. With these window blinds, you are maximizing the sunlight that is coming from the window. 

Choosing the Appropriate Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer a perfect balance of lighting and privacy in any room or office. There is a wide range of different kinds of vertical blinds that you can buy. You can select a vertical blind with slats stack on one side while opening them. This can benefits those who manage the light. You can also select a window blind which open from the middle with slats stack on each side. Both of this will provide you with different options in selecting the appropriate vertical blinds for your window. 

Vertical blinds are ideal for the workplace as well especially when you need to section some parts of your office. It is great for windows to avoid glare on the screen of the computer. You can also change the vertical blinds based on your needs and the changes on the sun’s position. If you have an office with an inside window, you can utilize a vertical blind which will offer an excellent privacy. 

There are several features which you can choose for the type of your vertical blinds. 

  • Vinyl vertical blinds - are perfect for patio doors and can be clean easily. 
  • Fabric vertical blinds - are for large windows and bring an elegant setting to darken any dining or sitting room. 
  • Faux wood vertical blinds - are clean and crisp and can complement your flooring. 
  • Perforated vinyl vertical blinds – add a touch to the windows or doors in your office or workplace.
  • Mylar vertical blinds – add a retro feeling to any room with mirrored panels. This is also perfect for a teenager’s room or game room.

Before buying a vertical window, it is necessary to measure the window where you will put the window blinds. It should be an accurate measurement in order for you to know the exact size of the window blinds that you will buy. Some may place their vertical blinds inside a window frame while some put the blinds on windows or doors that must be covered.  

Selecting a vertical blind can be easy if you consider the four basic factors. It is also important to have the right tools including a good ladder, a drill, a steel tape measure, and a pencil. These will all be helpful in installing and measuring vertical blinds.

Four Basic Factors

  • Privacy. This is the most important factor when choosing a vertical blind. There are some spaces in your home which needs much privacy that any other rooms. There is a high degree of privacy required in bathrooms and bedrooms as compared to living rooms and kitchens, which must be reflected in the vertical blinds.
  • Light control. The ability to control the light is another essential factor that must be considered in the selection of vertical blinds. Light control must be different from every room. There are times that you want to filter more sun rays. Light control is also important in your living room. Since sun damage can affect your upholstery and furnishings, it is a must that you can control the amount of light.  
  • Functions. Safety must be considered when choosing vertical blinds. For you to be safe and happy with your new vertical blinds, they should function correctly and easily. Vertical blinds can be opened and closed manually or by remote control. Sun, wind, wear, and tear can damage your vertical blinds and they can be less functional as the time goes by.
  • Appearance. This is the last factor that you must look into when shopping for vertical blinds. Of course you want your vertical blinds to look good and great. They must complement with your home and bring out your home’s décor.